Peter & Eneyde Duke

Kimberly Berg   -  

Prayer Letter November 2021

Thank you for praying for us this month. After the Suburban’s transmission was repaired we made it home on Wednesday, November 3rd. We were home for almost a week and the accelerator modem went out. We could not find the part down here and asked Brother Ted Dehart to look for it in South Texas. He couldn’t find it so I called Pastor Bishop in Alexandria, VA to see if they could find one in a junk yard. They found it. It and the throttle body (that needs to be replaced also) are in Mission, Texas now. Hopefully the parts will make it here in a few days and we can get the Suburban fixed again.

A few weeks ago, we met Esmeralda at a small store she works at in Yautepec. Our daughter Faith led her to Christ. We went to see her last week and she wasn’t home. I saw a man, Arturo Solis, at the house next door cooking some meat in two big pots over an open fire. I went and met him. We spoke for a little while and then I asked him if he knew that if he died he would go to Heaven. He replied, No one can know that. Then he looked at me and asked me, do you know if you were to die that you would go to Heaven? I told him that yes, according to the Bible I do know that. He had quite a bad attitude and I thought that I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere with him. But I did ask him if I could share some verses with him about going to Heaven. He said yes. So, without much faith, I started to witness to him. As I was witnessing to him his attitude totally changed. He accepted Christ. Praise the Lord!

We haven’t found the ideal place to start the church in Yautepec, but I believe that we need to go ahead and get the work started. We will have our first service on Saturday, December 18th in the patio of Tomas and Claudia’s house. We will start meeting there and then have a grand opening service once we find a building.

Last Friday morning about 11:30 we heard several gun shots near our home. I went upstairs and looked out the front window. I saw an older man calmly turn the corner and start walking down our street. He was almost in front of our house when a police truck turned the corner and slammed on their brakes. One of the policemen yelled: Stop right there! The man turned around, looked at them, pulled out a pistol and started shooting. The police returned fire. With all the bravery that I could muster I backed away from the window. I don’t have much desire to catch a stray bullet. A little later the police captured him after another shoot out. He was a cartel gunman. He executed a man that lived around the corner. Sad days in Mexico. Sad days in our neighborhood. That is the third shooting-within 2 blocks of our house–in broad daylight this year. (For our first two years living here there was no violence near us, so this year has been weird.  Must be Covid! Ha-ha.)

Thank you for praying for us and for being faithful to support the work here. We are thankful that the Lord is allowing us to serve Him here. So many needy people here. Unfortunately, many of them are blind to their need for Christ. But it is wonderful to see the ones that do accept Christ. We trust that you will have a wonderful Christmas Season with your loved ones.

Yours for world evangelism,

Peter & Eneyde Duke

Luke 17:10