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Spiritual Leadership Asia: May Report

Travel and Meetings
     God blessed my travels in the months of March and April giving me the opportunity to speak in ten different churches. Beyond that, I also stopped by a few churches to catch up with pastors and share with them the ministry of Spiritual Leadership Asia.
On March 7th,  I drove to Toledo, Ohio to preach and present the ministry of SL-Asia at Liberty Baptist Church for Pastor Caleb Presnell.  I then had the privilege of preaching the annual Faith Promise Missions Conference from Sunday through Wednesday, March 14-17, for Pastor John Mix and the First Baptist Church of Kingstowne located in Alexandria, Virginia.  On Sunday, March 21st,  I was in two churches. I preached for Westside Baptist Church in Elyria, Ohio for Pastor Pete Males sharing the ministry of SL-Asia in the morning. I then preached for Pastor Rob Kurtz at Mansfield Baptist Temple that evening. Mansfield has been a supporting church since my beginning with SL-Asia.  I preached and presented the ministry of SL-Asia in two more churches on Sunday, March 28th.  In the morning I preached for Pastor David Pitman at Addyson Baptist Church, Addyson, Ohio, just west of Cincinnati. In the evening I preached for First Baptist Church, Eaton, Ohio for pastor Andrew Stensaas.
Sunday, April 4th was Resurrection Sunday, and since it was Easter I didn’t have a church scheduled for SL-Asia. I did, however, drive to western Pennsylvania on Sunday morning to preach for Cornerstone Baptist Bible Church, a church without a pastor. Cornerstone is located in Freeport, Pennsylvania, about a 2 ½ hour drive from my house.  On Sunday, April 11th, I was in Sherman, Texas to preach and present the ministry of SL-Asia at the Grayson Bible Baptist Church, Pastor Roy Webster. April is the month that this church emphasizes missions, I had the honor of kicking off their missions’ emphasis on that day. From Wednesday, April 14ththrough Sunday, April 18th, I was part of the Missions Conference at First Baptist Church of Kenmore, in Akron, Ohio with Pastor Joe Grimaldi. Then, in the final week of April, Wednesday thru Sunday I was a part of the Missions Conference at Cleveland Baptist Church, the church I pastored for 24 years. It was a great joy to be home for our church’s conference. I am thrilled how God continues to bless the church under its current pastor, my son, Peter Folger. Last year the church gave over $721,000 to missions.

Support for National Pastors

As I shared in my last update, Spiritual Leadership Asia is now sending financial support to national pastors working in closed or restricted access nations in Asia. We have partnered with twelve works, and it looks like we will soon be adding another ten in the next month as churches follow through with their promise of support.
There may be some reading this update whose church isn’t currently supporting this ministry. Would you consider adding a national pastor or two to your missions’ family? We are sending the supported pastors $50 per month for a year. At the end of the year we will reevaluate the need. We are vetting these men, and each one that we help has a sending church and has been trained for the work by a missionary or pastor. The key to reaching Asia is the trained national. We have a desire to partner with 100 works by the end of this year. If you have an interest in helping, please call me at (216) 408-4347 or email me at

Last year I began a podcast called “Laborers in the Harvest”, a weekly podcast in which I interview men who are laboring for the Lord in His harvest, as the title indicates.  Recently I have pin-pointed some men that have walked with and served the Lord faithfully for decades. Larry Clayton, age 86; Raymond Barber, age 89; Charles Keen, age 81; Sam Davison, age 77; and Carl Boonstra, age 96 have been my recent guests. Each one of these men has a unique story of God’s leading in his life. I would encourage you to take some time and listen to these great men tell their stories; I promise that you will be encouraged. This podcast can be found on all of the major podcast platforms. Just type the name in the search bar.
I want to thank all of our supporters for their faithful financial support as well as those who pray earnestly for this ministry and the work that God is doing in the Asian 10/40 Window. Truly Denise and I value the encouragement we receive from each of you.

For the Lord’s Great Cause for Asia