Chuck and Linda Truitt

Kimberly Berg   -  
May 2021,
Greetings in Jesus’ Name,
It would be great to give you all a perfectly wonderful report, but such has not been the case with us this past several months.
I have had a series of medical difficulties. Starting off before Christmas with a burst tendon in my left leg (maybe because of some meds from the VA), but the difficulties progressed from there to the Wuhan Virus (they want to call it Covid-19) which laid us both up, especially me, thru Christmas until mid January.
Just after that, an infection in my face and head, the frontal and maxillary sinuses, sidelined and messed me up for a few more months, including 6 days in the hospital. It’s a long involved story which included scraping the bone via tubes through my nose, and it’s more involved, and just not something I want to dwell on any further – it may just be the most miserable thing in my life; I am still suffering the effects, and not back “up to snuff.”
Linda is doing great now though, and she is going great guns with the Widow’s ministry as she ministers to about 35 widows; every day she has something or someone to deal with or take care of. Thank you folks so much for your prayers for us, and certainly for the faithful support.
I want to finish this by asking your prayers for myself as my health is trying to return at this time. My left leg, from the back of my knee to my foot, has gotten somewhat better, but it is still painful and debilitating to some extent. I think a lot of it has to do with that burst tendon that I had.
Folks, so that is what it is with the Truitts. We thank all of our supporters for your faithful support, in prayer and financially, for all of these many years.
In His Service,
Chuck and Linda Truitt